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Prof. Dr. Helmut Denk

President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

“I am proud to say that the Research Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM) is one of the pearls in the research portfolio of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. ‘From bed to bench and back to bed’ can be regarded as the motto of this institute indicating that the patient with his/her disease is the source of inspiration for the scientist who then analyzes and characterizes pathogenetic principles and networks with the help of all modern methods and technologies available. The insights flow back to the patient in the form of innovative and specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Molecular medicine, therefore, is not a one-way street. A close interaction with the clinician is the basis of success.

The position of CeMM at the campus of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) is an ideal place to fulfil its mission in the sense of translational and individualized medicine.

I congratulate the scientists, all members of CeMM and particularly its director Giulio Superti-Furga on their scientific achievements and I am convinced that the new institute will act as further stimulant and that our high expectations regarding scientific excellence will even be surpassed.”