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Illustration © Tatjana Hirschmugl/CeMM

CeMM is an international, independent and interdisciplinary Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The mission of CeMM is to achieve maximum scientific innovation in molecular medicine to improve healthcare. CeMM’s research is based on post-genomic technologies and focuses on societally important diseases, such as immune disorders and infections, cancer and metabolic disorders.

CeMM’s position at the heart of one of Europe’s largest medical campuses provides the unique opportunity to engage in close interactions with physicians and clinical researchers. At CeMM, an international and creative team of scientists and medical doctors pursues free-minded basic life science research in a large and vibrant hospital environment of outstanding medical tradition and practice. Postdocs at CeMM benefit from the highly collaborative environment surrounded by the ideas, projects, resources, infrastructure, collaborations and mindset required for groundbreaking research. A specifically designed training programme, including seminars as well as mentoring and supervision offered to our Postdoc fellows, contributes greatly to developing the scientific leaders of the future.

CeMM has an excellent track record of nurturing postdocs to become internationally successful principal investigators, professors, entrepreneurs, of which we are justifiably proud.

Find out more about CeMM Pre-ERC Postdoc Program and apply now via this link.