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Prof. Dr. Christine Mannhalter

Molecular Diagnostics, Medical University Vienna, Vice President of the Austrian Science Fund

“Knowing and understanding the pathological mechanisms of diseases is a central need of medical research and of key importance for all future diagnostic and therapeutic developments. To fill the existing knowledge gaps a close interaction between basic and clinical research is an indispensable precondition. The Center of Molecular Medicine – CeMM – is one of Austria’s prime locations for molecular research in medicine with an excellent research focus.

CeMM’s crew of dynamic and highly motivated specialists, its critical mass of young researchers, and the superb leadership of Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga ensure scientific output of the highest quality. Since its existence, CEMM has provided important contributions to the better understanding of the molecular pathomechanisms of several diseases.

The location amidst the Medical University Vienna and the General Hospital Vienna allows optimal interaction with clinical partners and will lead to continued success in spearheading the progress of Molecular Medicine in Austria’s scientific community.”