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© Michael Sazel

Prof. Dr. Michael Freissmuth

Department Head
Center for Physiology and Pharmacology,
Medical University of Vienna

“I have had the privilege to follow the evolution of CeMM from its – less than immaculate – conception some 20+ years ago. The appointment of a brilliant and flamboyant director was transformative: Recruitment of equally brilliant and dedicated researchers has created an institute, where success breeds success. The culture of CeMM can also be gauged by the quality of training, which PhD students obtain. Over the past 25 years, I have been an opponent in PhD defenses in the academic institutions of many different countries. Hence, I have a reference base for comparison, when I quiz CeMMies during their thesis defense. The conclusion is: CeMM PhD students stand out. They do not crack under pressure, because they both master their very field and have a command of what can be considered common knowledge in science. If you are a young scientist aiming high, consider CeMM as THE place to learn about basic science and translational medicine.”