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© Michael Sazel

Dr. Beatrix Karl

Austria’s Federal Minister of Science and Research

“Despite the economic turmoil in the last years, the government has been able to still strengthen the financial support for Science in Austria. CeMM is one of the lightning towers in Austria devoted to close the gap between basic research in molecular sciences and the needs of patients. The new building crowns the Government’s dedication to this extraordinary project, the support to the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the collaboration between the city government and the Ministry of Science and Research.

CeMM is not only a place to do excellent science but it is also an investment in the education of the next generation’s medical doctors and biologists. We have great hopes for the success of CeMM maybe as a role model for collaborations with the other medical universities in Innsbruck and Graz, but also in different fields.

We will continue to support CeMM, following the rule ‘only the plants tendered can bring fruits one can harvest’.”