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Wall Sculpture

Klaus Pamminger
Balsaholz, lackiert, 15-teilig/balsa wood, lacquer, multi part; ca. 270 x 520 x 32 cm



Klaus Pamminger
VENEZ!/COME IN!_RC#01-BDJ Experimentalfilm/experimental short, AT 2017
1’48”, 16:9, Stereo

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In 2018, the western wall of the 8th floor seminar room has become home to a sculpture of lacquered wood and metal by Klaus Pamminger, who had already contributed to the CeMM Brain Lounge. Called “Stiegenhaus, 11 Square Albin Cachot, 75013 Paris-13E RC01-BDJ”, it is inspired by the staircase and landing ascended in a fateful manner by actress Catherine Deneuve in a famous Luis Buñuel movie. A video that illustrates the link to the geometry involved accompanies the sculpture.

Fenimore Weiler: "'Venez!' reveals something real that in a perturbing way tears a hole into the imaginary. White construction beams begin cutting through an undefined black image. They intensify and finally freeze into the abstraction of a staircase that soon proves to be stable. Ascending legs take over the space and lead abruptly into an open white where the story line, reduced to mere sound, comes to an end. The basis for the mise en scène of this ‘drama of intrusion of the real’ is a short sequence from Luis Buñuel’s 1967 classic 'Belle de Jour': Séverine Serizy climbs up the stairs to the very brothel where she intends to leave behind her bourgeois existence."