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Prof. Dr. Bernd Binder

Department of Vascular Biology and Thrombosis Research, Medical University of Vienna

“CeMM – just another research institution? No! CeMM was founded in close relation to the Medical University of Vienna to provide it with the unique opportunity of combining most advanced research technologies with burning medical needs. Looking back at the past years, CeMM has utilized these opportunities quite successfully and this is also what makes CeMM so special: Looking at inflammation as a disease entity and not as a mere symptom of a disease and at diseases as disturbed networks and not at each pathway separately.

To accomplish this and to be at the forefront of research Principal Investigators were recruited, who are established members of their respective international research communities and represent a stimulating mixture of MD/PhDs and PhDs.

In further pursuing this approach, I am confident that CeMM – although already very successful – will become an integral member of medical research in Vienna much to the benefit of all participating institutions.”