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© Michael Sazel

Ass.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Anna Berghoff

Head of the Translational Research Unit
Medical University of Vienna

"This year, we all have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic with all the related consequences and hurdles. In the middle of this challenging time, CeMM demonstrated — once again — how important constant, timely research is, and that no pandemic ever will stop that. The close collaboration between CeMM and clinical researchers at the Medical University of Vienna facilitates the unique opportunity to address questions of high clinical relevance using groundbreaking, innovative new technologies developed at CeMM. The brilliant minds, eager PhD students, and innovative researchers working there provide an indispensable research output. Most strikingly, CeMM showed me this year that in research, you not only think outside the box — you need to think completely outside the box and beyond your own imagination to conquer the most difficult research questions. Therefore, I am looking forward to many more interactions with the CeMM family in the future!"