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© Michael Sazel

Prof. Dr. Georg Stingl

President of the Section for Mathematics and the Natural Sciences of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

“Exactly 30 years ago, the immunologist Dr. William Paul – at that time President of the ASCI – heralded the advent of a golden era of clinical investigation. He predicted that the availability of certain new technologies would lead to a deep and meaningful insight into the mechanisms operative in a whole variety of different diseases. Based on this, one would expect that therapeutic strategies are developed that should exhibit a much higher degree of specificity and, as a consequence, higher efficacy and lesser toxicity than the ‘old remedies’.

The history and, I am convinced, even more so the future of CeMM is an excellent example for the validity of Dr.Paul’s forecast. A group of brilliant investigators led by the enthusiastic and charismatic Giulio Superti-Furga, a newly built institute with many important in-house technologies and a major academic medical center surrounding it, are ideal conditions for the pursuit of high-level biomedical research and true accomplishment.

The Academy is very proud of having CeMM under its umbrella. Be assured that we will do our very best to help bringing its enormous potential to full fruition, for the benefit of true scientific progress of the biomedical research scene in Austria, and most importantly, of the patients seeking help for their disease.”