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Contribute to the preventive, predictive, personalized medicine of the future

CeMM seeks partners who support the institute’s mission and projects, who underwrite the scientific goals we have set, who wish to support our PhD and postdoc training  programs, and who are willing to invest in state-of-the art technologies and infrastructure renewals.

CeMM has been a pioneer in many ways. We started (literally) from scratch in 2005, setting up a scientific institute that is able to compete with top research institutes worldwide, that is special in its collaborative spirit as well as bold and ambitious in its goals. CeMM’s pact with society is to pursue research excellence and to set new standards in science administration, communication, and translational efforts. Many dedicated people (scientists, technical personnel, scientific support staff, administration) worked very hard to make this institute a success despite many different challenges. We tried to create an atmosphere where diversity matters, where different cultures, ackgrounds, and opinions are valued, and an open dialogue is possible.

We are fully aware that CeMM is a very competitive place and not an environment for everyone. However, it is our intention to constantly improve as an employer, as a collaboration partner, and as an institute to achieve maximum scientific innovation in molecular medicine for healthcare improvement.

Ingredients for success

The prospects are excellent and the ingredients for success are all in place:

  • World-class research in strategic areas of unmet medical needs related to socially relevant diseases
  • Pioneer in genomic, epigenomic, proteomic, and metabolic analysis for personalized/stratified medicine
  • More targeted use of chemical entities based on unprecedented knowledge about the molecular mechanism of action and the genetic base of drug response
  • Highest quality and originality of publications
  • Successful development of early-career principal investigators; hires looked after well and with consistent care and supervision provided at all levels
  • World-class training center with the internationally competitive PhD and Pre-ERC Postdoc Training programs
  • Currently 26 patent families, 4 trademarks, and several licensing agreements and collaborations with industry in CeMM to valorize its innovations
  • Dialogue with society on the impact of genome-driven biomedical research
  • Role model for an inclusive, international research center of excellence
  • Unique mode of super-cooperation at CeMM connecting biology with medicine, experiments with computation, discovery with translation, and science with society and the arts


Sponsor Our Research

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that only research is able to provide solutions (knowledge, tests, vaccines, monitoring) to a worldwide pandemic. It is time to proactively step up investments in basic health research and prevention to be more resilient to crisis in the future.

If you think that society needs to take a better informed and more active role in health management initiatives, and if you think that knowledge is our biggest asset for the future, then please sponsor CeMM: Any sum is welcome.

Contribute to the preventive, predictive, personalized medicine of the future. Thank you!

CeMM Bank Account:
Bank Austria
IBAN AT56 1100 0012 7041 8500

If you have any questions, please contact:

Anita Ender
Administrative Director
+43 1 40160 70 079
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