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© Michael Sazel

Professor Gustav Ammerer, PhD

Group Leader, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Business Angel, Vienna

CeMM plays a distinct, special role among the life science institutes in Vienna and Austria. Its roots are both in the Viennese 9th district, as a result of its overly important association with the Medical University and strategic location within the hospital campus, and the 3rd district, as Giulio Superti -Furga was among the founding IMP team in the eighties and many CeMM scientists were trained there. As lively members of the scientific community, CeMM scientists act as personal bridges between hard -core molecular sciences and human pathophysiology. Additionally, CeMM and Giulio Superti -Furga have made major contributions to revive the synergy of music, art and science, which has always been an effective ingredient of Austria’s culture. It is a recipe for success that everyone benefits from.