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Dr. Heinz Fischer
President of the Austrian Republic


“Discovery is based on curiosity and execution of ideas. It is satisfactory to see ideas turn into reality. The idea behind the Center of Molecular Medicine was to bring science and medicine close together and allow young scientists and medical doctors to do innovative and interdisciplinary work together.

The realization of this idea through the location of a new research institution on the grounds of the Vienna General Hospital with its long and extraordinary tradition of medical innovation is a wonderful opportunity to execute ideas into medical practice. In the research process, cycles of frustrated attempts and failures alternate with accomplishments and successes.

We wish the Center of Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences on the occasion of this inaugural Research Report all possible successes and important discoveries. 

We congratulate the Academy of Sciences as well as the Scientific Director for establishing a new international research institution that not only will tackle important medical problems but will also train young scientists for the important challenges of the future.”