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The mission of CeMM is to achieve maximum scientific innovation in molecular medicine to improve healthcare. At CeMM, an international and creative team of scientists and medical doctors pursues free-minded basic life science research in a large and vibrant hospital environment characterized by outstanding medical tradition and practice.

CeMM’s research is based on post-genomic technologies and focuses on societally important diseases, such as immune disorders and infections, cancer and metabolic disorders. An additional focus lies on aging research. CeMM operates in a unique mode of supercooperation, connecting biology with medicine, experiments with computation, discovery with translation, and science with society and the arts. CeMM trains a modern blend of biomedical scientists to make great contributions. The goal of CeMM is to pioneer the science that nurtures the precise, personalized, predictive, and preventive medicine of the future.

The 5 CeMM Principles

CeMM discovers and develops technologies to explore human biology with the purpose of defeating disease at its roots.

Principle 1: Create innovative technologies
At CeMM, we are specialized in creating the new kinds of tools necessary to foster innovation in biomedicine at all levels.

Principle 2: Explore biological roots of disease
We are dedicated to research excellence. We use the tools we create to explore the depth of human biology at a molecular level with the goal of identifying opportunities capable of defeating disease at its root cause.

Principle 3: Push opportunities into medical application
We are ready and determined to move the best of the opportunities we have discovered in fields like drugs/therapeutics/diagnostics into clinical testing – in partnership with universities and industry.

Principle 4: Empower talents
Key to our innovation strategy is the identification and training of exceptional talents to empower them as future stars in discovery research and research management.

Principle 5: Multiply impact by sharing
At CeMM, we stand for cooperation, openness, and transparency. We share data, tools, and reagents to multiply the impact of our activities. We feel responsible for many challenges regarding health and society, and in return plead for a stronger societal engagement and commitment to research.