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© Michael Sazel

Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Georg Brasseur

President of the Division of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
Austrian Academy of Sciences

"What unites CeMM is high-level basic scientific research, and diversity is CeMM’s way to expand the high level even further. CeMM’s diversity has many faces: (i) the pursuit of gender balance and the large number of nationalities (49) in its staff; (ii) the fostering of creativity through exchange with other fields and the fusion of expertise with art, such as the “Brain Lounge”, (iii) the attempt to serve society with knowledge and the protection of innovations and novel IPR procedures before publication. Licenses, company collaborations, and the establishment of promising spin-offs are a way to compensate for part of the public funding. This successful blend of diversity and unity was created by the founding director, Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga, and should serve as a model for achieving excellence in research institutions. The Academy is proud to count CeMM among its ranks as a beacon of outstanding science."