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Univ. Prof. Dr. Maria Sibilia

Director, Institute of Cancer Research
Medical University of Vienna

"The Institute of Cancer Research of the Medical University, that I direct, and CeMM have been collaborating from the beginning of my involvement. I have known CeMM director Giulio Superti-Furga for the longest time, and in the early days of CeMM, we shared our research facilities as neighbors. Since then, we have enjoyed regular exchanges on scientific and organizational matters to create as much synergy as possible on the campus and in terms of the scientific interests that we share. I am very happy that this year the collaboration has been further cemented with the move to our center of Joanna Loizou and her team. By remaining on CeMM’s faculty as Adjunct Principal Investigator as well, Joanna Loizou will act as an additional conduit of ideas, aspiration, and technologies. It is through these kinds of strong alliances of all innovative forces that we will better understand and fight cancer."