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© Michael Sazel

Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner 

Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Science, Research and Economy  

“Within a few years, the CeMM has become an established research institution, aptly combining its roots in Vienna with an international orientation. A Proof of Concept Grant and four prizes awarded by the ERC are impressive evidence of the institution’s high quality work. They are a proof of excellence as the Center works at the interface between fundamental research and practice orientation in a clinical environment. With research focuses on cancer, inflammatory diseases, immune disorders and individualized treatment, the CeMM scientists contribute to fighting the worst diseases of our day and age with sustainable effect. Research focuses are directly derived from the problems afflicting patients, and the tangible results of research into these problems are fed back into the clinical environment. The fundamental research done at the CeMM today has a potential for great medical breakthroughs. Reaching these will take time and a clear commitment from the decision-makers in charge, which we at the Ministry for Science, Research and Economy are delighted to make. As the Minister whose remit the CeMM belongs to, I should like to extend my best wishes for the successful continuation of the Center’s excellent development. I am glad that this institution has developed into a fixture of the Austrian research community.”