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© Michael Sazel

Giorgio Marrapodi 

Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Austria

“You cannot but be impressed by the excellent quality of the research conducted by CeMM! The Center is nowadays one of the most important in Europe, the value of which is world-widely recognized. Personally I had the honor to host last year in Palais Metternich, premises of the Italian Embassy in Austria, the members of the CeMM Scientific Board. On that occasion, directors of some among the most prestigious medical schools and bio-medicine research centers in the world testified their high appreciation for CeMM, and for the strong commitment of CeMM team in tackling biomedical challenges by focusing on cancer, immune disorders and infectious diseases. CeMM gives an outmost contribution in understanding human diseases and I am sure it will pave the way for a further development of science through a more and more personalized medicine. It is my commitment to work for a strengthened cooperation with Italian scientific institutions, while I wish to express deep gratitude to professor Superti-Furga and his team for their contribution to build a better world.”