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© Michael Sazel

Prof. Martin Polaschek

Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research


“CeMM’s new motto ‘Science is our Medicine’ is not just a hollow phrase. The institute has demonstrated over the past years how impactful its research is—not only, but in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic—by analyzing plenty of full Sars-CoV-2 genomes in terms of mutations and by providing scientific counselling and science communication to the Austrian government and to society at large. The general spirit and driving force of CeMM’s research is to contribute to the solution of major health challenges of today and thereby providing benefit to society. CeMM also stands for disseminating scientific facts and knowledge within society, which I highly recognize because it aligns with the ministry’s attempt to increase people’s trust in science and democracy. Let me wish CeMM’s leadership and staff continued future success in keeping up the vision, providing such a creative spirit and open-minded atmosphere, and in making CeMM a dynamic place for excellent research and innovation in molecular medicine.”