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ERC Consolidator Grant "EPI-CART"
Understanding and exploiting epigenetic regulation in CAR T cell therapy
Duration 2021 - 2026
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FWF SFB F 7002-B21
HDACs as regulators of T cell-mediated immunity in health and disease
Duration 2019-2027
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FWF SFB F 6102-B21 "Chromatin Landscapes"
Dissecting Cell Type-Specific Chromatin Dynamics Driven by Oncogenic JAK-STAT Signalling
Duration 2017 - 2025
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WWTF LS20-034
GlioAge: Decoding cellular senescence in glioblastoma
Duration: 2021-2024
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WWTF LS20-045
LiquidBiopsyKids: Validation of a liquid biopsy based molecular diagnostic toolkit for pediatric sarcomas
Duration: 2021-2025
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WWTF LS20-065
PREDICTOME: Precision medicine for breast cancer: multi-omics towards predicting complete remission and avoiding surgery
Duration: 2021-2025
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EC SC "ImmunoSep"
Personalized immunotherapy in sepsis: a precision medicine based approach
Duration: 2020-2024
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