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Metabolomics Facility

The Metabolomics Facility at CeMM aims to provide highest quality metabolomics analyses on biological and biomedical research samples to its customers. This includes method development for detection and quantification of novel metabolites, systematic screening of established metabolites in the classes of amino acids, central carbon metabolism and TCA cycle metabolites, nucleotides, folates and lipids, and more focused analyses of selected metabolites. We aim to constantly develop and improve methods to more comprehensively cover the entire human metabolome and decrease the required sample amounts, while at the same time maintaining rigorous standards in data analysis and quantitation.

Stefan Kubicek

Head of the Metabolomics Facility


Stefan Kubicek, born in 1978, is Austrian and joined CeMM in 2010. He obtained an MSc in synthetic organic chemistry from the Vienna University of Technology after writing a diploma thesis at ETH Zurich. For his PhD in Thomas Jenuwein’s lab at the IMP in Vienna, he changed fields to molecular biology and developed the first selective histone methyl transferase inhibitors. He then performed postdoctoral research, working on chemical biology with Stuart Schreiber at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. At CeMM, Stefan Kubicek headed the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Chemical Epigenetics and Antiinfectives, a public-private partnership between CeMM, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Haplogen and is now the head of the CeMM Molecular Discovery Platform. The Kubicek lab is working on the role of chromatin in the definition of cell types and cell states, particularly chromatin-modifying enzymes as synthetic lethal targets in cancer and chemical transdifferentiation to insulin-producing beta cells. In an ERC-funded project, the laboratory studies metabolic enzymes in the cell’s nucleus to test the hypothesis that small molecule metabolites shape chromatin structure and thus control gene expression and cell identity.