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Postdoc Activities

CeMM postdocs regularly participate in training events across CeMM including the Friday Seminars, Scientific illustration course, IP workshop and bioinformatics course.

Our postdoc representatives play a key role in ensuring that the voice of the postdocs is heard and they regularly organize events that facilitate interaction across our rich and diverse postdoc community. For instance, they organize a regular Postdoc Jam session, which allows new postdocs a platform to present their work and be welcomed.

In order to strengthen the connections amongst the postdoctoral community at CeMM and those at the  medical campus, the CeMM postdoc representatives organize and host Postdoc Networking Days, where participants are able to present their research and strengthen their networks.

CeMM is a member of EU-LIFE, an alliance of research institutes advocating for excellent research in Europe. Our postdocs also benefit from opportunities within the EU-LIFE network, with two CeMM postdocs being selected to visit and give seminars as part of the EU-LIFE Visiting postdoctoral seminar series commencing in 2020. This program is designed to encourage and promote postdocs looking to transition to PI positions in the near future.