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CeMM Pre-ERC Postdoc Program (Illustration © Tatjana Hirschmugl/CeMM)

Illustration © Tatjana Hirschmugl/CeMM

The new CeMM Postdoc Program is carefully designed to prepare postdoctoral researchers for a successful ERC Starting Grant or comparable grant application and for an independent research career in top research organizations in Europe and around the world.

Selected candidates join CeMM for 3 to 6 years to address ambitious research questions in areas such as cancer, immunology, chemical biology, epigenetics, metabolism, and genomic medicine. Interdisciplinary research projects will focus on medically relevant problems, including disease mechanisms, modern therapeutics and diagnostic strategies. On top of this, postdocs will receive extensive career development and leadership training from the entire CeMM Faculty and additional experts in a highly collaborative and supportive environment.

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Contact: Matthew Spencer, PhD & Postdoc Program Manager

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