The CeMM PhD program focuses on four thematic areas: infection, immunity, metabolism and cancer, that are built on the pillars of epigenetics and genome intergrity, bioinformatics and systems biology, chemical biology, high-throughput genetics, genomics and proteomics, and molecular and cell biology.

The choice of this strategic focus rests on the synergies between immunology, infection and cancer in pathophysiological and technological terms. It furthermore reflects the strength of the current CeMM faculty, itself built around the historical and contemporary expertise in immunology and cancer of the Medical University of Vienna.

CeMM PhD students get the chance to work at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary molecular medicine research and be trained by the entire CeMM and associated faculty to become one of the scientists shaping the future of molecular medicine.

The call for applications for the PhD Program 2019 will open on November 1st 2018.

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Michaela Steiner

PhD and Postdoc Program Manager