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Post-Genomic Technologies

CeMM has invested in the development of a suite of tools and technologies in order to accelerate our understanding of the cause of disease and the identification of new and more effective treatments. These technologies are being used both by groups at CeMM as well as by national and international collaborators.

The Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF)  

The BSF is Austria’s first technology platform dedicated to next generation sequencing in biomedicine. It is part of the joint genomics core facility of the Medical University of Vienna and CeMM. It is coordinated by Christoph Bock, and offers:

  • Sequencing using the Illumina HiSeq platform (currently the preferred technology for many applications).

  • Advice and contacts for other sequencing technologies (e.g. Ion Torrent, Roche 454, Pacific Biosciences, Illumina MiSeq, Complete Genomics).

  • Library preparation services.

  • Bioinformatic data processing, analysis and assistance with data interpretation.

Molecular Discovery Platform (MDP)

The CeMM Molecular Discovery Platform empowers the discovery and characterization of bioactive molecules, including proteins, metabolites, and novel synthetic compounds. State-of-the art instrumentation and scientific expertise in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, high-throughput screening and high-content analysis underlies the technology-driven approach.

The Molecular Discovery Platform consists of three facilities:

The three facilities implement and innovate in selected projects the latest technologies in their respective fields. They synergize towards the common goal of using automation for maximizing data output from minimal biological sample amounts.

The platform aims at contributing initial starting points towards the discovery of new therapies. It is accessible to all research groups at CeMM as well as external collaborators.

Network Medicine

Recent advances in high-throughput technologies have created exciting new opportunities for systematically investigating the molecular basis of human disease. CeMM researchers employ a broad range of powerful post-genomic technologies, from next-generation sequencing of genomes, epigenomes and transcriptomes, to high-throughput proteomics and chemical screening. The group of Jörg Menche applies diverse computational approaches to help understand and interpret the large datasets derived from these technologies.