Technology Transfer at CeMM

CeMM’s mandate is to do world-class research in biomedicine, to train researchers and medical doctors in molecular medicine and to pioneer the science that nurtures the precise, personalized, predictive and preventive medicine of the future. Integral component of CeMM’s strategy is to identify and support translational initiatives that promise to have an impact on medicine.

CeMM promotes and supports the generation and fostering of new business opportunities arising from its research projects and by the innovative ideas of its coworkers. These can generally result in the founding of new start-up companies, into the enrichment of the portfolio of existing companies, into out-licensing of patents or into partnerships involving consultancy, know-how, technology transfer.

CeMM currently holds 26 patent families, 3 trademarks and has several licensing agreements and collaborations with industry.

CeMM is also a founding partner of six spin-off companies:

Innovation Awards 2020-2021 / Austria’s Beste

In the “Innovation Awards 2020-2021 / Austria’s Beste” by the Austrian Association for Consumer Studies (ÖGVS) and the business magazine Trend, CeMM was awarded with the “Special Prize/Sonderpreis” in the field of organic chemistry and obtained the second-best place in IP category biochemistry.

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