Three research facilities with cutting-edge technologies and expertise are dedicated to support scientists at CeMM, the Medical University of Vienna as well as other cooperation partners.

The Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF) is Austria’s first technology platform dedicated to next generation sequencing in biomedicine and is thus expected to play a catalyzing role in the country’s development of genomic medicine.

The Platform Austria for Chemical Biology (PLACEBO) at CeMM provides researchers in Austria with access to chemical biology resources including a 92,000 compound library, high-throughput and high-content screening and chemical proteomics to identify and characterize small molecules that affect new targets for studying biological processes and developing new drugs.

The CeMM Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility (ProMet) has been designed to the highest standards. Established workflows enable the determination of protein-protein interactions, drug-protein interactions, quantitative expression proteomes, post-translational modifications in cell signalling pathways, and key cellular metabolites.