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Discussion Rounds "Wiener Kaffeehäuser"

At CeMM we admire Viennese Coffee House Culture, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. We went on a tour outside of CeMM, exploring some of our favourite Kaffeehäuser/Coffee Houses, and having discussions with CeMM scientists and admin staff, touching a variety of topics, ideas and personal experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Get to know our CeMM members as part of civic society, as persons you could meet at a café, somebody to have coffee with and exchange ideas about science and how things may look like in the future.

Explore our discussion rounds:


Coming soon:

  • Alumni Board
  • PostDoc Representatives
  • Admin Team Leaders

The first 5 discussions rounds are included in the CeMM Research Report 2018. The full report is available online or as a hard copy.

If you would like to receive a printed copy, please send an email to