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Visit of the Italian Ambassador H.E. Stefano Beltrame at CeMM


From L to R: Scientific Counselor Amedeo Amedeo Staiano, First Secretary Valeria Gravagno, H.E. Stefano Beltrame, CeMM Scientific Director Giulio Superti-Furga and CeMM Head of PR Anna Schwendinger (© Bubu Dujmić / CeMM).

On 16 March 2023, CeMM was honored to receive the Italian Ambassador H.E. Stefano Beltrame, the First Secretary Valeria Gravagno, and the Scientific Counselor Amedeo Staiano from the Italian Embassy in Austria. We took the opportunity to present CeMM, our infrastructure as well as our research highlights, interests, and achievements.

Our guests were welcomed by CeMM Scientific Director Giulio Superti-Furga, who accompanied them through the building all the way to discover our famous Brain Lounge, where creative ideas are born. It was the perfect place to discover more about our institute and talk to some of our CeMM spin-off chief scientific officers (CSOs) to discuss innovation and translational activities more in detail. Afterward, they participated in a guided tour to explore our laboratories, facilities, and science and art corners that are so unique to CeMM. During their visit, they explored our iconic Time Capsule and were greeted by some of our Italian colleagues, who represent the second-largest non-Austrian demographic at CeMM.

We would like to thank our honorable guests H.E. Stefano Beltrame and retinue for their time and interest in our institute and our research work. Their visit today highlights the importance of fundamental research, and how we can form strong ties of collaboration to bring the necessary support to scientists, so they can make an impact for society in Europe and beyond!

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