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Vienna Science Ball 2024


CeMM members had a great time at the Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften - Vienna Science Ball 2024! Thanks to the organizers for the terrific programme and special focus on climate, fantastic music, a joyful quadrille, the opportunity to be at the Orchesterloge and the chance to have a nice CeMM group picture with a lot of happy faces.

The Vienna Science Ball is an exceptional opportunity to mingle with our colleagues and friends from the research community, and to celebrate the importance of science. We also thank our special guests Michael Bronstein and Alex Bronstein for joining the ball.

Since the Congress of Vienna, the city of waltzes has been famous for its legendary balls. Every professional group, every association organizes its own ball in Vienna, and thinking about the long and successful history of the sciences, it has been long overdue that also the scientific community has its own ball since 2015.