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CeMM Research Report 2022: On the shoulders of giants


Making progress, innovating, and finding solutions to global challenges requires extensive and intensive basic research across multiple fields. To make new discoveries, we must put in the effort, exertion, and brainpower required. But research does not simply start and end. Rather, we insert ourselves into a chain of knowledge seekers. The foundations of our present research and wealth were laid already by many people in the past. The CeMM Research Report is always unique and this year, in its 16th edition, we pay tribute to these great minds who have paved the way for us. We asked ourselves, "Who are those pioneers of the part and how did they encourage us?" Each science or administration group at CeMM thought about these questions and chose a heroine or hero of science to honor. Together with the great photographer and artist Klaus Pichler, we portrayed the groups with their respective scientists in the relevant historical setting, to build the bridge between the past and the present.

Our cover is based on the iconic artwork of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, and symbolizes our commitment to groundbreaking research and the influence of inspiring personalities from the past.

Inside the report, you will discover our latest cutting-edge research, innovation, and technology and find out more about facts and life at CeMM.

Discover the CeMM Research Report 2022 and watch the video about "The Famous Scientists Project"!

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