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6th RESOLUTE Consortium Meeting in Basel


Click on the photo! The RESOLUTE consortium in Basel (c) Michael Nyffenegger;

RESOLUTE is a public-private partnership with 13 partners from academia and industry with an overarching goal: To trigger an escalation in the appreciation and intensity of research on solute carriers (SLCs) worldwide and to establish SLCs as a tractable target class for medical research and development. The project is coordinated by CeMM and Pfizer. 
From 4th to 7th October 2021, Novartis and Vifor Pharma hosted the 6th RESOLUTE Consortium Meeting in Basel (Switzerland) and virtually. Around 100 participants joined the hybrid event and discussed their projects and publication strategies.

Participants were welcomed at the Novartis campus and they listened to the first keynote lecture by Kathy Giacomini (UCSF) about orphans SLCs in the SLC22 family. Scientific posters were then pitched in flash talks and further discussed during a poster session in "Gather.Town" or during dinner.

The second day was dedicated to scientific lectures by RESOLUTE scientists. The first session was focused on structural characterization of SLCs using state-of-the-art tools, such as AlphaFold, Cryo-EM, structural modeling and protein binders. Cristina Manatschal (University of Zurich) rounded up the session with a second keynote lecture about the structure and function of metal transporters. In the afternoon session, RESOLUTE scientists presented new transport assays, targeted and untargeted metabolomics results and new features on the RESOLUTE SLC knowledgebase. Finally, we enjoyed a tour at the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel and a dinner in Basel’s old town.

The third day started with a data release workshop of RESOLUTE HEK293 cell lines and the associated subcellular localization and transcriptomics data and a general discussion of RESOLUTE’s publication strategy. In the RESOLUTE training session, junior investigators had the chance to learn about career paths in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry (mentors: Martin Pfeifer and Michaela Kneissel from Novartis and Vania Manolova from Vifor Pharma). In the scientific session focused on lysosomal biology, scientists discussed ongoing projects and new tools to study this key cellular compartment. Next, the third keynote lecture by Michael Caplan (Yale University) about new systems to study epithelial polarity took place. In the evening we held a second poster session.   

The scientific session on the last day featured novel transport assays, data mining approaches and first results of integrative analyses of the SLC transcriptome or specific SLC families. We concluded the meeting by looking at the future and sustainability of RESOLUTE. Salah-Dine Chibout (Novartis) gave us insight into the funding strategy of the European Union, named Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), to support the next generation private-public partnerships. The RESOLUTE project coordinators followed up by a round of discussion and closing words. 

We thank keynote speakers, panelists and presenters as well as all participants and for their enthusiasm and fruitful discussions.