Platform Austria for Chemical Biology (PLACEBO)

PLACEBO was initiated as a partnership between CeMM and seven other Austrian research groups, originally funded and started under the Gen-AU program of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research. The project has developed into a long-term initiative and facility, open to the wider scientific community on a fee-for-service basis.

PLACEBO provides researchers in Austria with access to chemical biology resources, including a 92,000 compound library and high-throughput and high-content screening, to identify and characterize small molecules that affect new targets for studying biological processes and developing new drugs.

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Stefan Kubicek
Head of Platform Austria for Chemical Biology (PLACEBO)


Stefan Kubicek studied organic chemistry in Vienna and Zürich. He received his Ph.D. in Thomas Jenuwein’s group at the IMP in Vienna followed by postdoctoral work with Stuart Schreiber at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT in the U.S. He joined CeMM in 2010.