CeMM Adjunct Principal Investigator

Kate G. Ackerman 
Department of Pediatrics: Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
Ackerman Lab

Kate G. Ackerman, M.D.
University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 703
Rochester, NY 14642
+1-585 276-4238


Kate´s research is focused on gene identification and disease mechanisms for diseases of the lung, heart, and diaphragm, the developmental origins of health and disease in the pulmonary system, and genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of co-morbidities in children and adults with isolated birth defects.


Kate Ackerman is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care) and Biomedical Genetics. She was born in California but grew up in New York where she completed an undergraduate degree at Cornell University and a medical degree (summa cum laude, AOA) at the University at Buffalo. She completed pediatrics residency in Denver, Colorado, clinical fellowship (Critical Care) at Boston Children’s Hospital, and research fellowships at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. While on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, she identified novel gene function and mechanisms relevant to the serious birth defect, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

Since 2007, Kate has had an independent laboratory in Rochester where she has focused on genetics and developmental mechanisms associated with birth defects that cause critical illness in childhood. Her work has been NIH funded and has won numerous awards.

In 2015, Kate was a Guest Prinicipal Investigator at CeMM, and was working primarily with the laboratories of Christoph Bock and Sylvia Knapp on projects to identify potential epigenetic mechanisms of long-term disease resulting from critical events during the perinatal period of life.

Kate is active in leadership activities related to advocacy for biomedical research, translation of research to the clinic, and physicianscientist careers. She holds leadership positions in the Society for Pediatric Research, Federation of Pediatric Organizations, and the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting Organization. She has also recently been appointed to the Mouse Genome Database (MGD) Scientific Advisory Board at The Jackson Laboratories.

Selected Papers

Coles GL, et al. Kif7 Maintains Respiratory Airway Architecture by Regulating Microtubule Dynamics and Cellular Proliferation. PloS Genetics 2015 Oct6;11(10):e1005525. PMID: 26439735.

Paris ND, et al. Wt1 and B-Catenin Cooperatively Regulate Diaphragm Development in the Mouse. Developmental Biology 2015 Aug14:DBIO15203. PMID: 26278035.

Coles GL and Ackerman KG. Kif7 is required for the patterning and differentiation of the diaphragm in a model of syndromic congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013 May 21;110(21):E1898-905. PMID: 23650387.