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Season Greetings


At the beginning of the pandemic, we optimistically hailed the "scientification of society” a so-called “Verwissenschaftlichung der Gesellschaft” as a positive Corona side effect. Multiple Covid vaccines within a year and tailored medicines represent a triumph for research and innovation. Yet, at a time in history when humanity's inventiveness is impressively evidenced, the status of science in society is surprisingly low. We would like to see a change in 2022. Never before has scientific and technical know-how been so important. Just think of climate change, the destruction of the environment and geo/biodiversity, famines, forced migration, or the undermining of democracy. We ask society to support science, and to demonstrate respect for knowledge, facts and competence to be prepared for future challenges.

It is Time for Change.

We thank all the CeMM scientists, administrators and personnel, as well as our supporters, collaboration partners and friends, who work for scientific improvement and value the advancement of knowledge. We particularly would like to give credit to everyone inside and outside of CeMM who has kept the critical infrastructure running, essentially non-stop, during the pandemic.

CeMM wishes you all the best for the holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Giulio Superti-Furga, Anita Ender