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Launch of Genom Austria


In a press conference on November 25th, 'Genom Austria' was announced as a joint Citizen Science Project of CeMM, the Medical University of Vienna, and the foundation. Genom Austria will explore the scientific, educational, philosophical, ethical, and social implications of personal genome sequencing. Following the model of Harvard’s Personal Genome Project, Genom Austria provides qualifying volunteers the opportunity to sequence their personal genomes and to share the data with the public. An important aim is to start a public debate on the opportunities and risks associated with whole genome information and contribute to the genomic literacy of as many Austrians as possible, particularly young people. Genom Austria is backed by an outstanding team of experts from biology, medicine, ethics, sociology and other disciplines, and it is under the patronage of Margit Fischer, chairwoman of the Science Center Network foundation and wife of the Austrian National President. For more information, please visit the project websites.