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Human Proteome Day


As a follow-up to the publications on the initial draft of the human proteome that appeared in Nature in May this year, Bernhard Küster and Akhilesh Pandey were invited to CeMM to present their key research findings. As part of their presentations, the speakers described the broad range of applications of their research, such as the use of protein identification to aid forensic teams at crime scenes, or a large-scale malarial study in India. They also discussed the future of this research field, including the aim to produce a more refined map of the human proteome and also the development of proteogenomic centers to complement upcoming organism-wide sequencing  efforts.

The presentations were followed by an interactive and lively round table discussion on the next frontier in human proteome research, and what it may mean for us to perform research in a post-proteomic era. Karl Mechtler (Head of Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry at the IMP), Thomas Helbich (Professor of Radiology at the Medical University of Vienna), Keiryn Bennett (Head of Mass Spectrometry &  Proteomics at CeMM) and Giulio Superti-Furga (Scientific Director at CeMM) joined the two speakers on the panel.