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CeMM Scientific Recess 2022


CeMM colleagues during the Scientific Recess. (© Markus Kohlmayr / CeMM).

After two years of pandemic, CeMM had the chance again to organize in person its annual Scientific Recess, from 4 to 6 April 2022, in Windischgarsten, a beautiful location surrounded by nature in Upper Austria. This year’s main goal was to offer a space for CeMM colleagues to reconnect with one another and find out more about their research work. Following all health and safety measures, a group of 60 colleagues representing all CeMM groups and adjunct groups came together to discuss new projects and scientific topics relevant to the institute, and further strengthen collaboration and cooperation among the different laboratories at CeMM. 

During the scientific conference, first- and second-year PhD Students, as well as our Pre-ERC Postdocs, briefly presented their research projects, giving an outlook on the main scientific questions they are addressing, as well as the impact and innovation aspects they are incorporating in their work. The presentations gave room to further discussions on the scientific front, allowing CeMM colleagues to identify synergies and opportunities for potential collaborations in the near future. Also ideas how to further improve the training programs at CeMM had been collected. 

Other aspects of interest that were discussed included the role and responsibility of scientists in society, with a focus on how this has been influenced by the lessons learned from past crises, like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The results of these discussions will be collected in a new framework of action that CeMM and its members are currently drafting.

We would like to thank all the CeMM colleagues and faculty members who joined the scientific retreat, contributing to the high quality of the scientific exchange, and reactivating and rejuvenating the CeMM team spirit among all of us!