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CeMM Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2022


SAB Meeting 2022 (© Piero Chiussi / CeMM)

On strategic and scientific questions, CeMM of the Austrian Academy of Sciences is advised by a board of international top-scientists. 

On November 13-16, 2022, the CeMM Scientific Advisory Board Meeting took place in Waidhofen an der Ybbs (Austria). We thank our Scientific Advisory Board members Carl-Henrik Heldin, Ewan Birney, Aaron Ciechanover, Richard Flavell, Janet Kelso, Hidde Ploegh and Derek Tan for their precious time, fruitful discussions and valuable feedback. And we highly appreciate that Academy President Heinz Faßmann had a debriefing via video call and also listened to the feedback and recommendations. 

The SAB Meeting Program was filled with 33 talks of the CeMM Directors, Faculty members, PostDocs, PhD Students, and a lot of 1:1 meetings and group discussions with scientific and administrative personnel took place. Inspiring talks continued during lunches and dinner times in Schlosshotel Eisenstraße and the Rothschild Castle, and we had the pleasure to receive special evening lectures from two renowned Harvard University Professors. 

Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, gave a presentation and started a discussion round on “How to create an ideal research environment in a modern research organization”. George Q. Daley, the Dean of the Harvard Medical School, gave a talk on “The Dean’s perspective on challenges and opportunities in academic molecular medicine”. Thank you for inspiring and motivating lectures!