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Become a Starting Principal Investigator at CeMM in Vienna


Research Area: Biology of Human Aging/Healthy Lifespan Expansion

The time is ripe for brand new approaches to the phenomenon of human aging and the ambition of healthy lifespan expansion. Access to large deep phenotypic and genomic datasets and new powerful imaging, molecular and computational approaches call for initiatives in an area that for a long time has been captive of single mechanistic theories. At CeMM, we propose a completely fresh look with great intellectual rigor matched with unconventional perspectives. Two new hires on the subject will join a faculty already working on molecular-medical aspects of epigenetic regulation, metabolism, genomic integrity, inflammation, innovative pharmacology, patient-derived organoids and more.

One of the new faculty members, André Rendeiro will employ computational approaches to understand aging from a molecular, cellular and tissue level to the individual and population scale. CeMM now seeks a complementary, highly professional and passionate scientist to research the biology of aging from a cellular and molecular perspective, including the connection between aging and the onset of age-related diseases. We are most interested in applicants with demonstrated experience in applying molecular and cell biological approaches to exciting pathophysiological topics, including inflammaging, senescence, stem cell exhaustion, proteostasis, immunoaging, metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction, and any interesting intersection/combination. We are expecting the MD and/or PhD scientist to develop an own strong research program in aging research, with the long-term goal of developing strategies for intervention in the expansion of the healthy lifespan of humans.

Required are scientific quality and originality, a successful track record of scientific achievements and experience in new approaches to deep phenotyping human pathophysiology. We offer an initial 5-year contract, and a competitive starting package in the range of an ERC starting grant.

Download the full PI announcement to read more about the available PI position and application requirements.

Please send your application files to indicating the Reference-Code in the subject line: CeMM PI Aging.
Application Deadline: 31 March 2022