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Yorgo Modis

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, United Kingdom

"Cell entry and innate immune recognition of enveloped RNA viruses"

Anton Wutz

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

“Using haploid genetics for understanding gene repression during X chromosome inactivation”


Miriam Merad

Professor, Oncological Sciences and Director of HIMC, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, United States

“The tissue macrophage lineage”


Fredrik Bäckhed 

Sahlgrenska Center for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“The gut microbiota and glucose homeostasis - impact of the "second" genome on host metabolism”


Howard Riezman 

Director, NCCR Chemical Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland

“Lipid sensing, homeostasis and localization”


Rudolf Zechner

Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz, Austria

“Lipolysis: How the catabolism of fat affects cellular energy homeostasis and growth”

Liver Diseases Branch, NIH, Bethesda, United States

“Flying under the radar: How hepatitis C virus evades protective T cell-mediated immunity”

Roman Thomas 

Department of Translational Genomics, University of Cologne, Germany

“Lung Cancer Genomics”