October 09, 2019 - 12:00 h

2nd AustroMetabolism Workshop

The 2nd AustroMetabolism Workshop will take place at CeMM, on October 9th, 12-9 pm. It aims to provide a platform to network, sustain and to form collaborations within the field of metabolic research. 

The registration is now closed.

For the program, abstracts will be selected for short talks to capture our diverse research landscape, other participants will have the chance to present her/his work on a poster. 

The meeting is in the spirit of sharing unpublished hot projects under confidentiality and will be concluded with a networking reception on the rooftop of CeMM.

The organizers

Andreas Bergthaler (CeMM), Kristaps Klavins (CeMM), Richard Moriggl (University of Veterinary Medicine), Thomas Scherer (Medical University of Vienna), Martina Schweiger (University of Graz)

**For further information, please contact Oliwia Hadjiaghai, email ohadjiaghai(at)cemm(dot)at.**

December 03, 2019 - 14:00 h

Impromptu Theodore Alexandrov

CeMM Level 8, Seminar Room 

Theodore Alexandrov

Team Leader, Head of Metabolomics Core Facility, EMBL Heidelberg

Spatial metabolomics in tissues and single cells

Host: Andreas Bergthaler