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CeMM Statement about constructive feedback

We are grateful for any constructive criticism and advice to improve CeMM as employer, as collaboration partner and as institute as a whole. Also positive feedback can be helpful as a confirmation for areas that work well, and deserve further investments. 

There are several channels and platforms to give feedback, and we urge you to do it in a professional and respectful way. Unfortunately, there has been an incident where our standards of open and respectful communication have not been regarded. Please be aware, that CeMM Management cannot tolerate any personal, anonymous attacks towards employees and we reserve the right and have the courage to take legal actions against defamation. 

CeMM has been a pioneer in many ways. We started (literally) from scratch in 2005, setting up a scientific institute, which is able to compete with top research institutes worldwide, which is special in its collaborative spirit, and bold and ambitious in its goals. CeMM’s pact with society is to pursue research excellence and to set new standards in science administration, communication and translational efforts. Many dedicated people (scientists, technical personnel, scientific support staff, administration) worked very hard to bring this institute to success, despite a lot of doubter and different challenges. We tried to create an atmosphere where diversity matters, where different cultures, backgrounds and opinions are valued, and an open dialogue is possible. We are fully aware that CeMM is a very competitive place and not an environment for everyone. However, it is our intention to constantly improve as employer, as collaboration partner and as an institute to achieve maximum scientific innovation in molecular medicine. It is up to you to have a positive impact on our institute! Please use our invitation and the opportunity to have a direct and open conversation, talking about your concerns, and things to improve with the Directors, HR, Faculty, Admin Team Leaders and Colleagues, with the aim of solving any kind of conflict when it arises and a friendly solution is still possible. 

Thank you,

Anita Ender, Administrative Director CeMM,
Giulio Superti-Furga, Scientific Director CeMM,