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CeMM's organizational culture is supportive and shaped by respect and value. Particular emphasis is placed on the health and wellbeing of all members. This includes not only the maintenance of physical and mental health but also of the social and relationship aspects of the work environment.

Regular lab meetings, and weekly seminars which are mandatory for all scientists at CeMM, are likely to support the scientific as well as the personal development of our employees. Celebrating major successes with the CeMM community is a matter of course.

A company physician provides support on all issues of occupational and work safety, e.g. the organization of work places, and monthly consultation hours for individual meetings for medical advice, prescriptions, and vaccinations.

Psychological counseling is offered free of charge for all CeMM employees. The counseling is anonymous and subject to professional confidentiality rules. The psychologist can be contacted during monthly consultation hours at CeMM or an individual appointment can be arranged by e-mail or phone.