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Prof. Isabelle Vernos, PhD

ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader at the Centre de Regulació Genòmica (CRG) Barcelona, member of the ERC Scientific Council, chair of the ERC Working Group on Gender Balance, and LIBRA Project Coordinator

As a partner institute within the EU -funded LIBRA project, CeMM has committed to a major institutional change to improve gender equality and diversity. Together with the other 13 leading EU -LIFE institutes in Europe, CeMM has made impressive steps towards a more unbiased and objective recruitment strategy, supporting its employees in various matters to improve their individual work -life balance, and considering the sex and gender dimension in experimental design. I am very pleased to see how CeMM has developed since the start of the project and I am especially happy about the efforts that CeMM has made to provide the other LIBRA partner institutes with specialized training and a guideline on unbiased, objective and transparent recruitment. We are far from reaching gender equality on all levels, including in research, but CeMM has made the first and most important step by committing to be a modern and inclusive research institute that is amongst the top centers in its field.