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Prof. Dr. David Livingston

Deputy Director, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, Boston, USA
Chair of CeMM´s Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. David Livingston
"As the chair of the scientific advisory board (SAB), it is a treat to observe the impressive development of CeMM during the past few years. Indeed, under the visionary leadership of its Director, the SAB believe that CeMM has become a new scientific powerhouse in the heart of Europe. It  successfully competes with many of the best institutes worldwide. This is well documented by a steady stream of high-impact research, including two remarkable studies in the field of cancer biology in recent days. Given its unique, collaborative spirit and its highly motivated and talented students and scientists, the SAB look forward to the emergence of even more world class science at CeMM and its translational imprint.  We believe that the people of Austria are being very well served by this scientific gem!"