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© Iris Ranzinger

Walking Chair


After working as a mechanical engineer and teacher, Karl E. Pircher (*1963), a native of South Tyrol, studied with Ron Arad at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and received several international design-awards. Fidel Peugeot (*1969), a Swiss national, has had a successful career as a graphic designer and font designer, also touring as a musician in a number of bands. The two met in projects for the Lomographic Society and immediately perceived each other to be the essential completion. Together they established the Walking Chair Design Studio in 2003. Karl and Fidel are responsible for the CeMM Brain Lounge design.

“Penthouse office goes Brain Lounge. We wish you a happy, inspiring voyage! Let us sing:

Anything can happen so
let it go, let it go, let it go
Many things will be happening
when you know, know, know

I know that you know,
so you make me know
Now you know that I know
and I let you go

Many things will be clear
when you go around
Anything can be highlighted
when you roll around and around

Now you know what I know
and you say oh, oh, oh,
Then I know what you say
means we go, we go, let’s go”