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© Michael Sazel

Dr. Johannes Hahn

Federal Minister for Science and Research

“It is a pleasure for me to accompany the first Research Report of the Center of Molecular Medicine (CeMM) of the Austrian Academy of Science with my best wishes and some introducing words.

For our Government Science and Research are of high importance regarding preparing a ‘knowledge and information society’ to reach the Lisbon research quota goals as quick as possible. Science at the interface to medicine is my personal priority and of particular importance for our society.

CeMM seems to me like a long wanted and very special child. It has been a rather delicate gestation, but the extraordinary collaborative will of the City of Vienna, the Austrian Academy of Science, the Medical University of Vienna and the Ministry of Science and Research has successfully brought up a unique institution that promises to change the way basic biomedical research and clinical requirements are integrated. I know the young team of international investigators already assembled at CeMM personally and trust their energy and vision.

We will accompany and support CeMM and expect that it will become a model for biomedical translational research in our country. We wish Giulio Superti-Furga, all the Principal Investigators and all CeMM Scientists success in their research endeavors.”