Chairs to Share

Dorothee Golz

In 2020, CeMM's entrance area was enriched by an art installation by Dorothee Golz.

With CHAIRS to SHARE, objects conceived in an art context leave the museum space to become both useful furniture and a powerful metaphor at the entrance to CeMM. 

One can get involved with CHAIRS to SHARE as a viewer or as an actor. In any case, a performance is started, in which one participates as soon as one gets involved with the topic. 

Dorothee Golz has developed the form of the sculptural furniture from an artistic, content-related consideration. The approach was from the beginning typically "sculptural". She modelled the original form out of clay and so she came to this shifted separation of the seat, which was carried out in an unfamiliar place.  An element on its own or considered in isolation is "merely" a sculptural object whose formal logic is not immediately apparent. At least not until a second, equally shaped object is placed next to it. At that moment a seat is created and a transformation from an art object into a utility object takes place; a chair is 'born'.

The CHAIRS to SHARE focus on those waiting or sitting.  In a composition, each element forms an independent unit, overlapping and merging with each other. Apart from their function as seating, they are above all metaphors for togetherness in the community and the simultaneous separation of the individual. In addition to the chairs, there are works from Dorothee's PX series on the opposite wall which attract the attention of those waiting.

No matter how many elements a CHAIR to SHARE installation is composed of, it never seems complete but always like a section that could be continued at will. The elements are interchangeable and different colour combinations are possible. Form, colour and function create a dynamic picture puzzle. Depending on the focus of the observer, the CHAIRS to SHARE can be used as a seat or as a series of sculptures