Augmented Reality

The CeMM AR - Augmented Reality App

The CeMM AR – Augmented Reality App allows you to access scientific content in a more interactive way for educational purposes.

Scientists working in biology and molecular medicine use a microscope to take a look at smaller particles in our body that cannot be perceived by the naked eye. With CeMM AR you get a unique insight into wondrous universes, the smallest and most basic building blocks of life can be explored freely:

From the living being, into the cell, into the gene.

How to use the CeMM AR App?

Step 1: Scan the above QR code

Step 2: Download the free CeMM AR app from the app stores (iOS/Android)

Step 3: Install the app on your phone and download the image triggers here:

Step 4: Point your mobile device-camera at the trigger card image to bring an interactive augmented reality 3D-scenario to life


Watch our teaser video below for a live demonstration:


Sebastian Pirch (Jörg Menche’s Group at CeMM)
Bobby Rajesh Malhotra (CeMM 3D Artist)

Martin Chiettini (CeMM 3D Artist)