June 29, 2017 - 14:00 h

Impromptu Hans Michael Maric

CeMM Level 8, Seminar Room 

Hans Michael Maric

Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology University of Copenhagen, Denmark

"Application of peptide microarrays for the profiling and inhibition of protein interactions"

Host: Stefan Kubicek

July 03, 2017 - 14:00 h

CeMMinar Francesca Ciccarelli

CeMM Level 8, Seminar Room 

Francesca Ciccarelli

Division of Cancer Studies, King's College London, UK

"Exploiting gene dependencies to discover cancer vulnerabilities of therapeutic relevance"

Host: Joanna Loizou

Francesca Ciccarelli is Associate Professor of Genomics
and Bioinformatics at King's College London and Group Leader of
the Cancer Systems Biology Group at The Francis Crick Institute
in London.

Francesca graduated in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University
of Bologna and was awarded with a PhD in Natural Science from
the University of Heidelberg. She was trained as a computational
biologist under the supervision of Peer Bork at the EMBL. In 2005,
she started her research group at the European Institute on
Oncology in Milan focusing on cancer genomics, with a particular
interest in gastrointestinal cancer. In 2014, she moved to London
to work in the Cancer Division of King’s College, where she also
coordinates the qGEB (quantitative Genomics, Epigenomics and
Biobank) programme.

Francesca’s group uses a combination of computational and
experimental approaches to analyse cancer omic data and predict
patient-­specific cancer drivers, identify cancer vulnerability, and
rebuild tumour evolution in space and time.